Arbitration is a form of adjudicative decision-making where a neutral third party upholds the position of one side in the dispute. Unlike mediation, where the third party works with both parties to achieve a mutually agreed resolution, an arbitration hearing is an adversarial process. The arbitrator’s decision is based on the evidence and submissions of the parties or their representatives. The final award is legally binding.
For parties that have a choice between arbitration and some other form of dispute resolution or proceeding to court, the benefits of arbitration can include:
  • A faster and more cost-effective decision that can avoid lengthy court proceedings.
  • A neutral decision that draws upon evidence and is both final and binding.
  • Greater flexibility in scheduling hearings.
Andrew’s background and expertise are ideally suited to labour arbitration work. In the spring of 2014, he successfully completed the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Arbitrator Development Program. Andrew is now on the Minister’s List of Approved Grievance Arbitrators.
Andrew is neutral and objective. He understands that most parties appearing before him have an ongoing relationship to preserve if possible, and that they are trusting him to conduct a fair and efficient hearing. Andrew understands the challenges that parties and their representatives face during most adversarial proceedings.
Please contact me to request a copy of my arbitration fee schedule and cancellation policy.
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