Some organizations ask whether hiring an outside, independent investigator is really necessary. The benefits can include:
  • Eliminating actual or perceived bias in an investigation.
  • Fulfilling legal or internal policy requirements to bring in an outside, independent party.
  • Ensuring that all relevant evidence is gathered as soon as possible.
  • Knowing that the investigation will be kept on track so that secondary or side issues do not become a distraction.
  • Expert assistance in managing risk and in reaching fair and reasonable decisions.
Every investigation must be thorough, and all parties must be treated fairly—this is a given. Andrew has conducted many assignments that meet this standard. But beyond these requirements, what is the essence of an excellent and effective investigation?
Over the years, based on his experience, Andrew has found that the key is sensitivity and flexibility. The investigator must not only take account of the nature of the allegations, but also be attuned to the specific circumstances in which those allegations are being made. The workplace doesn’t just provide the background to the allegations; it is also the setting where the results of the investigation will play out.
Andrew has the experience to conduct workplace investigations that meet the “best practice” standard. He is also fully aware of the legal landscape and the full range of liabilities that all organizations face. This is the expertise that Andrew can bring to your workplace investigation.
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