Mediation is a confidential process where an impartial mediator works to resolve a dispute between parties and to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. The mediator acts as a third party to facilitate a structured negotiation that can achieve resolution in a matter of hours or over a multi-day period. But regardless of how long it takes, the mediator must never lose sight of the need for a fair process and a dignified outcome for all sides.
The benefits of mediation can include:
  • Greater control over the final decision for the parties than in any other legal proceeding.
  • Reduced costs since many disputes can be resolved in a matter of hours, thereby avoiding complicated and lengthy litigation.
  • Complete neutrality because a mediator facilitates and guides the parties to a voluntary settlement.
Andrew is a pro-active mediator. He engages with the parties to identify the issues, explore new areas for discussion, and develop shared goals. He does not wait for the parties to bring the settlement to him; instead, he sees his role as helping the parties to carefully reassess their positions, especially in light of new information or a subtle shift in language.
Misunderstandings, personal animosities and not fully appreciating the risks of litigation are all barriers to settlement that emerge from time to time. Andrew has the patience to ensure that these issues are addressed. He has also found that parties who are prepared to engage in meaningful and intelligent discussion of their differences are usually successful in resolving their disputes.
Mediation is a process that needs to be managed by someone with sound judgment. Andrew knows when to listen and when to speak up, when to stand by and when to intervene. He knows that the process of mediation is usually just as important as the result, and that when it comes to a successful outcome, the details are sometimes more important than the bottom line.
Please contact me to request a copy of my mediation fee schedule and cancellation policy or to request a sample mediation agreement.
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